Kalaw, Ohsi Taung

July 21st, 2020

Rent 2 Own Myanmar and Association of Carbon Capture (ACC) work together on carbon reducing, greenhouse gas reduction activities and other CSR projects across Myanmar.

Near Kalaw Region, there is one of our tree planting CSR projects located in Ohsi Taung, Myinka villages, Southern Shan state of Myanmar.

 ACC signed the contract with Ohsi Taung Welfare Group on 30 June 2020, with the support from Rent 2 Own Myanmar and the respective monks from project areas, signed the “no tree cutting for 25 years” contract. For the first four years, the Association of Carbon Capture (ACC) will conserve the trees which were planted. The rest 21 years to be responsible from Ohsi Taung welfare group led by Ohsi Taung Sayardaw.

Rent 2 Own Myanmar and ACC have produced the seedings themselves and used them in the project from their nursery established nearby Myinka Village.